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自由約 Freespace Happening (11-12.11.2017),Hong Kong
自由約 Freespace Happening (11-12.11.2017),Hong Kong

自由約 Freespace Happening (11-12.11.2017)

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14:00 Sat 11 Nov 2017


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除電影之外,當然不少得精彩音樂陣容。11月的「自由約」與香港光華新聞文化中心舉辦的「台灣月」合作,為觀眾帶來台灣原住民音樂人Sangpuy 桑布伊和阿爆(阿仍仍),呈現台灣多元且豐富的音樂樣貌;香港結他手及作曲家Teriver Cheung與格林美大獎得主、國際知名爵士色士風手Eric Marienthal將破天荒合作演出;加上搖滾結他手Jason Kui、樂隊WAT DE FUNK,以及一眾本地音樂單位如Choi Sai Ho 蔡世豪 x 曾皿堅 x 黃靖 Jing Wong等,為你送上源源不絕的音樂饗宴。

同場還有香港文學生活館的文學主題活動、非洲敲擊舞蹈展演及工作坊、麥子的「精釀啤酒學堂」、「海角地攤_2046」手作市集和pop-up store,以及各式DIY工作坊——歡迎你參與製作小型獅頭、傳統花牌,以及可用作天然清潔劑、有機肥料,並用於狗隻身上的環保酵素。

好動的朋友可於週日參加「WE Dance 展演及工作坊」,由Otrotango Dance Company帶領你感受阿根廷探戈的風情和節奏。「自由約」首張《Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1》卡式帶專輯亦將於活動當日推出,當中輯錄了於上季「自由約」進行跨類別合作的六組本地獨樂壇新星的全新作品,大家請勿錯過!


Autumn is the best season for being outdoors. So, this November we are transforming the West Kowloon Nursery Park into an open-air cinema and presenting two inspiring films based on the lives of great musical talents. The Touch of Light (I), on 11 November, tells the story of how blind piano prodigy Huang Yu-siang from Taiwan overcame the odds to become a successful pianist. The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, on 12 November, offers an intimate glimpse into the life of world-renowned Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and the musicians behind the international performance collective, the Silk Road Project.

Live music continues to form the heart of Freespace Happening. Partnering with Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre as part of the Taiwan Culture Festival, Sangpuy and ABAO (Aljenljeng) will bring you the best music of indigenous Taiwan. On stage we have lots of local favourites, including Teriver Cheung’s jazz quintet, featuring Grammy award-winning saxophonist Eric Marienthal, Jason Kui, Choi Sai-ho x Kenneth Tsang x Jing Wong and returning guests WAT DE FUNK.

Around the park you can join free literature-themed activities hosted by House of Hong Kong Literature, be part of an African drum-dance, quench your thirst at Mak’s Craft Beer Academy, browse the “Hoikokdaytan 2046” handicraft market and pop-up store, and take part in all kinds of DIY workshops, like making miniature lion dance heads and bamboo flower plaques, to learning how to create eco-enzymes to make your own organic detergents, fertilisers and pet shampoos!

Plus, on Sunday, we have exciting WE Dance showcases and workshops, where you can learn Argentine Tango with our partner Otrotango Dance Company. And, don’t forget, we will also be selling copies of our first, limited-edition Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1 – with recordings by six of the local independent groups who took part in last season’s Freespace Happening.

So, bring your picnic mats and dancing shoes, and make the most of the great open spaces of the Nursery Park!

免費入場 Free admission
(部份工作坊須預先登記 Registration applicable to selected workshops)

項目夥伴 Programme Partners
Mak's Beer

WE Dance 合作夥伴 Collaborating Partner
Otrotango Dance Company

Event ended

14:00 Sat 11 Nov 2017