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The Script Live in Hong Kong,Hong Kong
The Script Live in Hong Kong,Hong Kong

The Script Live in Hong Kong

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20:00 Tue 24 Apr 2018


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Midas Promotions 興奮地宣佈,The Script將自2011年後,再次把他們的演唱會伴隨最新冠軍大碟《Freedom Child》帶到香港。


來自《Freedom Child》的首支單曲〈Rain〉推出後迅即被世界各地樂迷加入歌單之中,同時進佔英國iTunes榜的首10名位置。〈Rain〉的MV自7月14日上線以來在YouTube上被播放超過2100萬次。

除了兩首最新單曲〈Rain〉及〈Arms Open〉 外,樂隊擁有多首金曲,包括〈Superheroes〉、〈Hall of Fame〉、〈Dead Man Walking〉、〈Nothing〉、〈For the First Time〉、〈Breakeven〉、〈The Man who can’t be moved〉 及〈We Cry〉,歌曲在各個不同電台登上流行榜,同時也出現於各大最受歡迎的網上串流頻道如JOOX、KKBOX、MOOV及hmv PLAY等的歌單上。

The Script是全世界最成功的樂隊之一,賣出2900萬張唱片。這隊愛爾蘭三人樂隊獲得3張多白金唱片,全部在英國奪得銷售榜冠軍。The Script更成功進軍美國,擁有4白金單曲銷售數字。The Script亦是最受歡迎的演出樂隊之一,203場頭號演出共售出超過140萬張門票,在家鄉愛爾蘭傳奇場地Croke Park體育館舉行的表演門票於數分鐘內售罄。

由Midas Promotions主辦,《The Script香港演唱會》必然會是一場香港歌迷不能錯過的精彩演出。

The Script香港演唱會
日期: 2018年4月24日(星期二)
時間: 晚上8時
地點: 九龍灣國際展貿中心匯星

港幣1,280 元 VIP企位
港幣880元/580元 企位

The Script 2018巡演VIP袋

門票將於2017年11月8日(星期三)上午10時經由快達票(快達票售票處、D•Park、K11 Select 及通利琴行門市)發售。

購買熱線: 31 288 288

Midas Promotions is excited to announce The Script’s return -bringing their concert tour back to Hong Kong again since 2011 - with their latest #1 album Freedom Child.

The concert will be held at KITEC Star Hall on 24 April 2018.

The first single from Freedom Child, ‘Rain’, was immediately added to playlists around the world and stormed into the Top 10 on iTunes UK. The music video for ‘Rain’ has been viewed over 21 million times on YouTube since its release on July 14.

Apart from the two latest singles, ‘Rain’ and ‘Arms Open’, the band have many classic hits, ‘Superheroes’, ‘Hall of Fame’, ‘Dead Man Walking’, ‘Nothing’, ‘For the First Time’, ‘Breakeven’, ‘The Man who can’t be moved’ & ‘We Cry’, charting in various radio stations and also appear on playlists of the most popular streaming channels such as JOOX, KKBOX, MOOV & hmv PLAY, etc.

The Script are one of the world’s most successful bands and have sold over 29 million records. The Irish three-piece have scored x3 multi-platinum albums, all of which were #1 in the UK. The Script have also picked up a huge following in the USA where they have x4 platinum selling singles under their belt. The Script are also one of the biggest live bands, having sold over 1.4 million tickets across 203 headline shows and they sold out the legendary Croke Park stadium in their hometown in a matter of minutes.

Brought to you by Midas Promotions, The Script Live in Hong Kong would definitely be an amazing show that Hong Kong fans should not miss.

The Script Live in Hong Kong
Date: Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Time: 8:00 pm
Venue: KITEC Star Hall

HKD1,280 VIP Standing
HKD880/580 Standing

The VIP Experience Includes:
Top price standing ticket included
Exclusive 2018 tour VIP gift
The Script 2018 tour VIP tote bag
Signed 2018 tour programme
Commemorative VIP laminate & custom lanyard

Tickets on sale from 10:00am Wednesday, 8 November 2017 at HK Ticketing (HK Ticketing's Venue Box Offices, D•Park, K11 Select & Tom Lee Music Stores)

Ticket Purchase Hotline: 31 288 288
Internet Booking:

Event ended

20:00 Tue 24 Apr 2018