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Harry Styles Live On Tour - Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Harry Styles Live On Tour - Hong Kong,Hong Kong

Harry Styles Live On Tour - Hong Kong

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20:00 Sat 05 May 2018


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YAS!! You see this right! It's Harry Styles first ever solo world tour, and HK fans are in for a treat. We are bringing Harry Styles Live On Tour to Hong Kong in 2018 with special guest Warpaint

Date: 5 May 2018
Time: 8pm
Venue: HKCEC Hall 5BC
Tickets: All Seated - HKD488, 688, 888, 1088, 1288

Public On-sale: 16 June 2017 (10am)
Bookings: or call 31 288 288

冇錯,係佢吖! Harry Styles 嘅第一次世界巡迴演出,#香港有份!2018年我哋帶佢嘅 Harry Styles Live On Tour 嚟香港,仲有特別嘉賓 Warpaint

地點:香港會議展覽中心展 覽廳5BC
票價:全座位 – 港幣488、688、888、1088、1288

購票 或致電 31 288 288

In order to prohibit ticket reselling and unauthorised use of tickets, there will be strict rules on ticket purchases and entry for this show: Each customer is limited to a maximum number of 4 tickets per transaction. No multiple transactions are allowed. Tickets are strictly non-transferable. Please note tickets will have the name of the person who made the purchase printed on them. The name registered to the tickets cannot be changed. The person who made the ticket purchase must be in attendance with his/her guest(s) at the show. Purchasing of tickets on behalf of others is strictly not allowed. There will be identity checks at the venue on show day. The person who made the ticket purchase must present his/her valid Photo ID, Identity Card or Passport (scanned copies are not allowed), along with the physical tickets in order to enter the venue. The presented identification document must match the name printed on the ticket. Tickets purchased cannot be resold, refunded or exchanged. Only physical tickets will be accepted for entering the venue. Please refer to the ticketing page on for full details.

為了禁止非法售票和未經授權使用門票,是次活動將會執行嚴格的購買程序及入場條例:每位顧客在每次交易時最多只能購買4張門票,並不能同時進行多項交易活動。門票不可轉讓。請注意門票上將會列印門票購買者之名字,而該門票上登記之名字,即持票人之名字不可更改。持票人必須連同其賓客(如有)同時出席當晚活動。 不能代他人購買門票。活動當晚將會於場館核對持票人的訂單資料。持票人必須帶同附個人照片之身份證明文件正本如身份證或護照(不接受副本)以作核對。如身份証明文件與門票上的名字不符,該人士將會被拒絕進場。 所有門票恕不能轉讓、更改或退換。活動當晚必須出示實體門票才能進入場地。 詳情請瀏覽 之活動網頁。

Event ended

20:00 Sat 05 May 2018